How to make your own outdoor wood boiler! Well we get hundreds of calls a year from people calling saying they are making their own outdoor wood boiler or furnace and asking how they should set it up. Well you are the designer and maker of the wood furnace, you need to decide that for yourself. To Help you though: You will need to have an air tight fire chamber to prevent a run away wood boiler, which will boil over. Most manufactures use a damper cover that covers the blowers that inject air. This is usually controlled with an Aquastat that monitors the water temperature. We carry all the parts to make this happen, We have created a kit that most DIYer's buy from us to do the same thing. The Kit is DIY-Kit. This kit includes a Dayton Fan 4C446 (FN446), Laminated solenoid (LS001), Fan cover (FC546), Thermal well (DW1204) and Aquastat controller (AQ007). After you get your unit up and running, protect your unit with Protech 300 to make sure it lasts. Without Boiler treatment your unit will only last half as long as a unit that is treated.

We Now Offer a DIY-Kit that has everything you need to get your furnace running like a pro! The kit includes a wiring diagram, which will simplify your unit to work based on water temps. It also comes a with laminated solenoid and bracket which mounts to the same fan blower mount to make it even easier!