Past Wood Doctor/ Silverwinds customers! Left out in the cold for help when your outdoor wood furnace fails?

Well, we’ve all read about the controversy when it comes to the Wood Doctor wood boiler/wood furnace failure, (, but the bottom line is you need parts to service/repair your outdoor wood stove.

Who we are:

Alternative Heating & Supplies, previously known as CT Wood Furnace, is a team-oriented company that stocks and carries all wood stove essentials and can easily help you out with the parts you need! 

What we do:

We carry just about everything needed to keep your outdoor wood furnace running smoothly! Items from boiler treatments, fire rope, pumps, heat exchangers, SharkBite fittings, pex fittings, etc.  Come take a look around our website, or better yet, download and browse around our latest Catalog Version 17!


Three easy ways to order: online, by fax or by phone.  Orders taken by 3:00pm EST Monday thoguh Friday are shipped out the same day with delivery right to your doorstep!

Come pay us a visit and you'll see that you'll never get the "cold shoulder" from the team at AHS!